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I asked for some kinkfest prompts, and someone graciously complied. Things were a little too jumbled during the round for me to post them one by one, but not that it's winding down I'll offer up my humble collection.

Do tell me if any of the links got screwed up, please--I was organizing 45 of them.

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[d] done with my graceless heart
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Help a girl out?

I'm not quite sure how the rules on this go, but let's give it a try.

On Insanejounal.com there's a lovely community called Kinkfest. There are rounds, and in each round prompts are submitted and later displayed so people can sign up for those prompts. It's very fun.

And since a round is opening up just now, I'm hoping some of you imaginative people can supply me with prompts for Henry/Vicki. Because no one on IJ will, and I will certainly write them. (Admittedly your kinks may not match up to mine, but I'm open minded. It's unlikely.)

The prompt submission post is HERE, as well as all the rules.

In case you need help with kinks, here's a LIST, more kink-themes based than actual -philia stuff.

If this isn't allowed, just tell me. And guys--I successfully wrote and posted 46 stories to kinkfest last round. Go wild.

Project for Christina and Kyle

Hey Everyone! I am a HUGE fan of Blood Ties and I need everyone's help! I am working on a project for Christina and Kyle.  I want to make each of them a "birthday book". This is just a scrapbook that I will fill with notes from the actor's fans (birthday notes, praise, etc), decorate, and send to them for their birthday. I would like for fans to send/email me notes for each or both actors. I know that both Christina and Kyle would appreciate the messages from fans.

I am spreading the news everywhere about this project everywhere and I wanted to see if you guys could help by sending me a letter or two. I know this has the potential of being a great, unique gift for both Christina and Kyle. I would really appreciate anything that you could do.

I set up a website for the project. Check it out here: http://www.freewebs.com/bloodtiesbirthdaybooks/ 
 You can send me questions, comments, or suggestions at this email address or thirsty4bloodties@gmail.com
or at my myspace:
Here is all of the Info:

Send your letters to:
My email at
OR send your handwritten letters to:
Attn: Blood Ties
PO Box 767861
Roswell, Georgia 30076
Email is great, but I think that handwritten notes are more personal.

In Your Letters Please Include:
*A heartfelt note
*A "happy birthday" wish
*Your name and country/state (it is up to you how specific you want it to be)
**PS-Tell me who the letter is for if you think I won’t know
*You can include pictures if you like

Christina's birthday is July 31st, so I need ALL of her letters by June 20.
Kyle's birthday is August 24th, so I need ALL of his letters by July 20.

Thank you SO much. I really want to send each of them a memorable gift that shows how much the fans love them, and that they have fans all over the world. Thanks for your participation!!  I look forward to your email or letter. Thanks again!

~A Fellow Blood Ties Fan

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Shipper Music Video Challenge Community --- Challenge 5

Hello there! I have a new challenge up at my shipper music video challenge community and I would love for you guys to come and check it out. Challenge 5 is using three songs, "Sex Type Thing" by Stone Temple Pilots, "Falling Down" by Duran Duran and "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" by Ashlee Simpson, and is open to any and every shipper couple. :D Hope to see you there! 

Challenge 5 is located here at</a></font></b></a>heartsgowander.